My Sweet Summer Peach - a sweet summer session!

There are lots of things that tell us it's summertime in Texas... the heat, the long days, sunburned cheeks filled with freckles, watermelons & PEACHES! There is a whole town in the hill country and they do everything peach- peach ice cream, peach salsa, peach pizza! And since we did watermelons last year.... let's do PEACHES this year! 

Sweet Peaches 026.jpg

When I arrived with the peaches, I wasn't sure how the kids would "react" to them... 

Let's just say it didn't take long for the kids to have peach juice running down their sweet cheeks! They stacked them, they counted them, all while nibbling away! The peaches were a hit! And the little one even starting her own pitching match with them!

Peaches make great baseballs! Who knew!

Endless to say, we're gonna need some more peaches for these sessions! 

Sweet Peaches 021.jpg

and on the photographer side... I got to use my little chippy yellow vintage chair I got at Vintage Market Days! I had to have it! It is a perfect match for my little peaches! 

Sweet Peaches 020.jpg

I just fell in love with this simple little summer session! But mostly, I loved watching these three play with the buckets of peaches!