SWIM2018 - a summer session UNDER water

Today was our last day of school.... so you know what that means! It's OFFICIALLY SUMMER!!! Seemed like it would never get here... but you know what did get here- the Texas HEAT... which got me thinking- it's so hot, who wants to sweat? Not me either... so let's not. Let's grab a cute swimsuit and jump in! I'll secure my fancy camera in a fancy underwater housing

and let's do this! 

Kazmann 001.jpg

What an incredible way to capture their summer... most kiddos spend the whole summer at the pool! And let's be honest- it's super crazy cool that we can take pictures underwater! 

With a specialized waterproof housing for my Canon 5D Mark iii, a good mask & a pink snokel, your kids can play all they want! Jumping in with their best CANNONBALL!!!! Creating all the bubbles and swimming through rings underwater! It's a playground underwater! 

Kazmann 010.jpg

I have a feeling these will become a summer staple in our session lineup! It's just so cool... literally... it's 100 degrees outside and we are all cool in the pool! 

And bonus... if you have a personal pool, we can come to you! 

Message us for details ~ 

Or grab your spot HERE! 

Kazmann 016.jpg