As usual, spring break gets here too fast and since I usually have sessions planned, we stick around Dallas. And it looks so exhausting to get packed and fly to Hawaii, then fly back and unpack and be back at school by Monday... I mean really, who has the energy! Well... not me! 

young boy posing with lifesize Mario figure at the National Videogame Museum in Frisco Texas

This photographer likes a few days to sleep in and check out cool things around town! Our first stop on this Spring Break 2017 is the National Videogame Museum! Yep, you read right! There is a museum where all those old gaming systems you sold for a dollar at your garage go! Atari, gameboys, PONG & Pac-man... just to name a few!  

entrance to the National Videogame Museum in Frisco Texas, located at the Frisco Discovery center, just north of dallas, texas 

I knew my husband and my son would go crazy! A stroll down memory lane for sure. It was so fun to watch my husband just pick up that old controller and play like it was yesterday. But even more fun to watch my son who is a avid gamer, try to figure out the joystick! 

young boy playing old school video games with vintage controllers and joysticks at the national videogame museum in frisco texas

This incredible collection really is amazing. It begins at the very beginning of video and concept games. Chronicles each stage of innovation and development of technology. To really understand a entire world of brilliant developers and designers dedicated to creating video games is what this museum is all about! I even found the exact first computers we had my school! And no, I will not disclose what year that was... just know it was a LONG time ago! 

one of the first apple computers, huge collection of video game buttons and vintage console systems at the National Videogame Museum in Frisco texas 
father and son looking at vintage video game collection at national videogame museum in frisco texas.jpg

If I had to pick a favorite at the Museum, hands down it would be the 80's living room and bedroom! They set up a living area complete with a rotary phone and TV with the big brown wood console! Then they outdid themselves with the retro 80's bedroom, complete with dresser drawers filled with cassette tapes and MAD magazines! Pac-Man sheets on the bed and Madonna poster on the wall! Had to have my husband pose with the Depeche Mode poster... just like the one he had! Nintendo Duck Hunt cartage in the console and gun ready to go! 

retro reproduction room of 1980's, complete with cassette tapes and nintendo console. boy holding up a cassette tape of The Cure. 
young boy trying to dial rotary phone

A great time was had by all 3 of us, looking at old gaming systems we had has a kid or trying to figure out which letters on the computer keyboard made the guy shoot, phew phew. A special treat at the end of your tour ends in a great arcade, just like the one you frequented as a kid. You even get tokens with your admission to play your favorite game!                                         Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Galaga just to name a few! 

vintage arcade with old games

So if you played games as a kid, or have a gamer in your house, I highly recommend the National Videogame Museum. It really is fun to look back at how technology has developed & changed in our lifetime. We have come a long way from the joystick and PONG! 

One quick Mom note ~ there is no signage from the road, it's in the same building as the Frisco Discovery Center, so look for their red signs. And yes, I had to mention it to a staffer that they need a big sign! ;)