dallas child photographer | 6 Month old Owen

Oh sweet Owen, with your big eyes and smile to melt hearts! 6 months old and happier than ever! With a sweater as blue as your big blue eyes, you giggled at my silly noises! 

Six month old baby boy in blue sweater with big blue eyes and huge smile. Laying on white flokati rug staring up. Dallas children's photographer. 
six month old baby boy laying on his back in a knitted gray custom romper. He is laying on a white flokati rug watching the photographer. Chelle Cates is a Dallas children's photographer with a studio in Garland, texas. Baby boy named Owen is photographed on a dark gray seamless paper by Savage. He is a pale little boy with redish hair. lots of smiling and giggling. 

Owen has not quite discovered his toes yet and was much more interested in my camera      and making sure his smiles were non-stop! 

Little gray knitted romper worn by six month old baby boy named Owen. He has really big blue eyes and reddish hair. He is such a happy baby just laying on a white flokati rug at the studio in Dallas. Very observant and always happy! 

Owen brought his favorite friend to his six month session. His Puppy did great at his session!