the littles

oh do i love the littles... so happy and easy to please! not walking and no need to bribe with stickers! 

littles sessions range in age from 4 months to 2 years old.

Erza 015 S.jpg

the toe grabber

before they can sit up on their own, i call those the toe grabbers... and could those toes be any sweeter! this is a quick little session to grab their personality and all those smiles ~ we get more smiles at this stage as they are learning that smile gets your attention... and the attention of strangers and anyone else who sees it! i say when they find their toes, it's time to schedule! 

this session can take place at the studio or on-location depending on the time of year! 

we offer an all-inclusive package for this session. 

the session is $300 and includes 20 digital images delivered via digital download. 20 images selected by artist.

the sitter

a whole new perspective of the world opens when they can sit on their own. 

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on the movers

it's a new story when they discover they can move... and move fast they do! movers are great crawlers and pulling up... maybe a step or two, but not quite walking. 

many times we can combine this session with their first birthday session.