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Our booking process is simple - complete our online questionnaire with your due date and ideas for your session, reserve your due date with your $225 session fee and then we wait for baby to arrive!

Here are some questions we find helpful!

  • When do we book our actual session date?

    Unless you are scheduled for a specific date, we will wait for baby to arrive and book your specific date after the hospital schedules all your follow up appointments. Before you are released from the hospital, they will set all your appointments with your OB & your Pediatrician. We will schedule your newborn session on a day that you do not have a doctor appointment. Being a new mom is exhausting and I don’t want you to be stressed trying to get to more than one appointment a day!

  • What do we need to bring to our session?

    You, baby, and anyone else you love and want to include! We have created a full prep guide which will be sent when we book your session date that will also go over all the details of your day! Extra things to bring are lots of milk & a pacifier. Our studio is filled with backdrops, headbands, bonnets, custom newborn outfits, buckets, crates, props, props & more props! You are always welcome to bring a special item or family heirloom to include.

  • How will we see our images?

    At your session, we will look at the calendar and see what date works best for you to come back to the studio and see your custom slideshow & images. At your ordering appointment, we will start with your slideshow, then look at each image to select your favorites. We want to help you design the perfect product for your family & home. We offer a variety of options to choose from and you will get see all the samples at your newborn session.

  • How are the products priced?

    We offer both collections & a la cart products. We want you to be able to customize your selections. You can choose a custom album & a wall art collection. We also offer payment plans as well. Full price guide available upon request.

  • How much do clients typically invest in their Newborn portrait session?

    Clients typically invest between $1200 & $5000 for their artwork.

  • Do you offer Baby Plans?

    YES! We offer two Baby Plans- Our Bump to Birthday which includes your maternity, Fresh 48, Newborn, Sitter & First Birthday Sessions. Our Second Baby Plan allows you to pick THREE session options from Maternity, Fresh 48, Newborn, Sitter & Birthday.

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We do offer Pre-Consultations at the studio to introduce you to all our beautiful products and plan your session!

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